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You're a stylish girl, can't we end this stylishly?

I don't know if we must update in class, so I update from home.

ADVICE:If you are going to read Breakfast at Tiffany's and watch the film DON'T read this.

I've read Breakfat at Tiffany's several times and a few months ago I saw the film and I was surprised on how they change the history. Well I wasn't surprised, I was dissapointed.
How could they changed this masterpiece? I'm sure that in the early 60's american society wasn't preparated for the realism of Truman Capote and the way he writed.
Here I write some changes that I spoted:
In the book the relationship between the main characters Holly Golightly and Paul Varjak was an open single gay male/straight woman, (the fact is that Capote admitted he was gay) while in the film Paul is in love with Holly, even at the beggining of the film Paul is the lover of an old rich woman.
In the film the marriage of Lulamae Barnes(Holly's real name) and Doc Golightly was anulled while in the book she says that she is not going to divorce because she don't believes the marriage was legal.
The character of Holly is a luxury prostitute in the other hand Holly is characterised as an party girl or it-girl.
And the fact that I can't stand is the end: in the book Holly travels to Brazil to meet José, because he splited up with her. But in the film Holly while they are in a taxi in the way to the airport she realisesthat she loves Paul and she stays with him in New York. I prefer Capote's end because I think is more real than that naive end.

Maybe the fact that Paramount Studios thought in Marilyn Monroe but because of personal problems she couldn't play the interpretation of the role fell in Audrey Hepburn's hands, and she had a very high status so I think that Paramount changed the character that suited in Audrey fame.

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  1. you're right! that's a shame! people think that it's a happy story qitha nice end but it's not! people should read the book and know the true but it's a nice film

  2. i haven't read the book yet and I want to do it but i don't find it in the (biblioteca) do u have it? i'd love to read it!! and i know how do u feel 'coz it has happend to me a lot! and when I'm watching the film I want to stand up and walk out of the cinema but I've payed the ticket.

    Ps: I LOVE ur blog! the fotos are sooo cool!! u must teach mu how to do it!

  3. wow isa :)
    sorry, too lazy to read all this words...
    but I DO know it's the sexiest blog, and so you are.