dimarts, 29 de juny de 2010

I have always imagines that paradise will be a kind of library

After re-reading my Pop magazine I looked at this editorial. The first time I saw it I felt indifferent, it didn't caught my atention. But after reading the Allen Jones' interview ( I have it in my hands right now, the magazine of course, not Mr. Jones) my opinion has changed. After reading fashion magazines for years, I realised that this is the kind of editorials that I prefer: original outfits (but not necessary complicated outfits)+ excellent photography+ original edition &(this is optional)mixed with art references, making your mind blow.
The editorial name is "Allen Jones: Wearable Art" as a reference of the fact that Devon Aoki is wearing some of his pieces as clothes(really inspiring). I think that the fact that the new Pop Editor- in- Chief (Dasha Zhukova) is becoming an important figure in the contemporany art world is normal that the magazine is full of art information. And that helps my interest in contemporary art just grows and grows.


PS: thank you all for the nice comments in relation to the exam!! I did well! (I think)
PPS: you can click on the photos to see it better.

Au revoir!

dilluns, 28 de juny de 2010

Tomorrow I have a French oral exam and I'm very nervous

... and here I leave some videos from a Swedish singer called Lykke Li. I really love her live music, every single performance is different from the other. Hope you like it!

As many actual musicians, she began in Myspace and in 2008 she released her first album Youth Nobels. Her music is a mix of pop, indie rock, with electronic touches. The rhymes will stick in your brain and I'm sure that you will be singing her songs all the day.

dijous, 24 de juny de 2010

Eniko & Isabeli

Both editorials from Muse magazine nº 22 summer.


dimarts, 22 de juny de 2010


La Blogothèque is a network space to enjoy improvised concerts. Around a city a music band play it's music. Hope you enjoy it!!

This one is really funny:


I always wanted to scuba dive. Did you?

From Nastygal
Camp Thunderbird Sweater (unfortunately it's sold:()

Becka Leather Moto Jacket

Melie Bianco Colette Studed Bag

I love her voice, sometimes I imagine somebody's voice and when I heard them I'm surprised.

dilluns, 21 de juny de 2010

Popcorn please

New Sofia Coppola film!! As you can see I'm a fan of her, and as a fan I can't stop talking about her work. So here we have her latest film: Somewhere. The history of a famous actor who lives a crazy life in the Chateau Marmont but suddenly something changes: his daughter visits him. This arrival makes him think in what is important in life. I can't wait!
PS: Erin Wasson is going to appear...