dimecres, 9 de juny de 2010

Midsummer Night's Dream

Today I post about one of my favourites editorials: Summer Camp from the July 2008 issue photographed by Bruce Weber. Everytime somebody asks me to think in something that reminds me the summer it comes to my mind. Don't know why but I love it. They all seem so relaxed and carefree, with all the designers around, posing with the models they all look like a nice team. Miss Moss looks just flawles in the photos, like everybody.
The behind the scene videos are great:

(W magazine)

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  1. amazin kate post!!!!!!!!!!

    love love love!!!!!!!!

    u have a great blog!!!!!!!

    pls come visit and join:))))



  2. How can you not love Kate Moss in these?!

    In reply to the comment you left on our blog: everything is great thankyou :) hope your ok too!

    seriously loving these photos :)

    lily and sophie x x

  3. I love every single photo! They really capture the essense of summer