diumenge, 30 de maig de 2010

So, what?

I'm totally into contemporany art, some people doesn't like because they say that it's a joke. Anyway I love art and any way of expression. So as you can predict today I'm going to talk about art. To be more specific about street art.
From years the graffiti has been seen as an act of vandalism, guys painting the walls. But sometimes life surprises us and we hear that a guy that is painting the walls all around the world and is owning more money that we can imagine.
So here is the plot of this post: art or vandalism?
This guy (Banksy- you must think that painting in the walls is considered for the authorities as vandalism, so nobody knows who is he) startes painting walls as many young boys, but instead of write his name with an stupid "gangsta" style (mostly of the times they could save us to see that rubbish), he painted with templates on the walls. He denounced the consumerism and the war with sarcasm and humor; that's why I like him and consider his work as art.
But while he is an anti-capitalist he is working for big companies and art galeries owning thousands and thousands, and he has got a shop mwe're he sells his products. On the other hand is cool and inspiring to see someone saying "Rules, whta the hell is that?"
So, what? Now you have to think with your pretty brain and decide: art or vandalism?

Here I put the trailer of a documentay about the man:

dissabte, 29 de maig de 2010

Lets do something artistic

V magazine is one of my favourite magazines, its editorials are really good and the stylisms are very original, I love how they put fashion and art together. Here I put one of my favourites, from this summer issue. I just want to go to the magazine section in the library and buy it.
I love this kind of editorials: good photography and original format. I love the fact that even that is a fashion editorial the clothes aren't the principal interest in this editorial. (photos via nf)

divendres, 28 de maig de 2010


Sarah Burton is going to be the next designer for Alexander McQueen brand. She has been working for The Genius for 16 years so I'm pretty sure that she knows exactly how he worked. Do you think that the idea of continue Alexander's work is a good idea? Or maybe will be a disaster and the brand will loose his magic and originality?
I don't know how do you feel, but I'm waiting to see her work!

Thanks mom

Since I was a little girl my mother went with me to the shops, we both enjoyed looking for new clothes. When I was very young my mom took me to a shop that sold French clothes like IKKS, Jean Bourget... I was always dressed in a very French way.
But the thing that I remeber the most is how she taught me about the quality of the fabrics.
So, when we walk into the COS store I was like "we're in heaven". COS is a Swedish brand (from H&M owners) with a really good scandinavian style, with pure and simple lines. It's a little bit expensive but I think that the realtion price/quality is really good. The costure details are perfect without any stitching thread.
I bought myself a comfortable jumper but I didn't wear it very often. I promise next year I'll wear it more often. In COS you can find your basics such as a great shirt, a coat or even t-shirts. The color palete is very simple, with primary colors, but sometimes you can find a note of an acid color. Here you have some of my favourite items of this season.

Yesterday I rewatched the webpage and I see that Dree Hemingway is the COS's face, a really nice new.I recomend you to visit their webpage where you can watch the clothes and really nice photos. Asa their clothes the webpages is really simple but with charme. Fashion+ design+ + nice things+ photography= perfect combination.

dijous, 27 de maig de 2010

Why should I smile when I'm sitting here with you?

Who doesn't love the Polaroids? Who never wanted to take a photo with a Polaroid camera? Click! and in a seconds you have the photo in your hands.With that cute format, with a little space below where you can write something.
That's something I wanna have before I die.
Pure nostalgy...
To show you my love to this nice machine I post some of Mr. Wang backstage photos. Just love it. He seems so happy.

dimecres, 26 de maig de 2010

1,2,3... Splash!!!

I love this photo, everytime I see it I feel a little bit happier.
(sorry for my English it isn't quite good;)

dimarts, 25 de maig de 2010

From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I'll try reading it.

Today I'm going to post about a 50's TV programme: "What's my line?". In this proggrame the guest that appeared were very famous: artists, actors, singers... Then a jury asks question to the mysterious guest, and with the eyes under a mask they have to discover who is. To be more difficult the guest was only allowed to respod with a "yes" or a "no".
I'll put some more videos in the future.
I wish you enjoy it!

dissabte, 22 de maig de 2010

Ode to you

Three days ago when I returned from school I saw a suspicious package in the mail box, ajajá! It was non other than my monthly French Vogue. As always I was so excited. I have to say that is my favourite Vogue edition, I think that even being a "classic" magazine its contents are truly original, new and even have this provocative point that alternative magazines have.Well, the other day while I was reading my magazine I saw this fantastic editorial, a tribute to (RIP) Alexander Mcqueen who died the past February syled by the to-die-for Carine Roitfeld and photographed by Steven Klein. The editorial has got this point that caracterized Alexander Mcqueen creations: radical concepts, provocation and new ways of tissue treatment that were his own receipe to surprise the always receptive public that went to his shows. Even that he left us very early (he was only 40) and his shows will be very missed, he left us some great momories such as this amazing end of the 1999 show. Shalom Harlow's expresion is really good when she is "attacked" by the robots.

dijous, 20 de maig de 2010

After laughter

Ricardo Tisci's collections always surprises me, this is not an exception. I love the entire lookbook. September is relatively near. Any idea for my birthday present?