dimecres, 19 de maig de 2010

Miss Dior Chérie ad + some 60's crazyness

A few days ago I rediscovered this cute Dior advertisement directed by Sofia Coppola, it's kind of Marie Antoinette in the 50's, but without the court, those uncomfortables dresses
and all that stuff... When I watch it, reminds me to the Macaroons, yeah those cute little cakes. I've never seen it on TV. Did you? Maybe it's just shown on French TV. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Qui êtes vous Polly Magoo? Is a French film/documentary where a French television crew follows a model named Polly Magoo. The film shows the fashion industry and its excesses at the moment . As many other films ofthe 60's is delirious and even some times difficult to understand. I've never seen it all but in YouTube you have some videos. another day I'll put some links.

(photos via tfs, flickr)

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