diumenge, 30 de maig de 2010

So, what?

I'm totally into contemporany art, some people doesn't like because they say that it's a joke. Anyway I love art and any way of expression. So as you can predict today I'm going to talk about art. To be more specific about street art.
From years the graffiti has been seen as an act of vandalism, guys painting the walls. But sometimes life surprises us and we hear that a guy that is painting the walls all around the world and is owning more money that we can imagine.
So here is the plot of this post: art or vandalism?
This guy (Banksy- you must think that painting in the walls is considered for the authorities as vandalism, so nobody knows who is he) startes painting walls as many young boys, but instead of write his name with an stupid "gangsta" style (mostly of the times they could save us to see that rubbish), he painted with templates on the walls. He denounced the consumerism and the war with sarcasm and humor; that's why I like him and consider his work as art.
But while he is an anti-capitalist he is working for big companies and art galeries owning thousands and thousands, and he has got a shop mwe're he sells his products. On the other hand is cool and inspiring to see someone saying "Rules, whta the hell is that?"
So, what? Now you have to think with your pretty brain and decide: art or vandalism?

Here I put the trailer of a documentay about the man:

2 comentaris:

  1. I tink just like you.Today the people thik that the graffiti art it's a vandalism and they are wrong.Thought a friend I know more about graffiti world and he taught me many different places in the world and I loved.
    I like that you have talked about this subject is very interesting.

    See you Isa.

  2. Isaa!
    I like contemporary art too. People say things with any meaning because they talk about something that they don't know.
    There is much ignorance in the world.
    There are a lot of interesting and surprising photos in your blog.