divendres, 28 de maig de 2010


Sarah Burton is going to be the next designer for Alexander McQueen brand. She has been working for The Genius for 16 years so I'm pretty sure that she knows exactly how he worked. Do you think that the idea of continue Alexander's work is a good idea? Or maybe will be a disaster and the brand will loose his magic and originality?
I don't know how do you feel, but I'm waiting to see her work!

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  1. I think she'll do well! Alexander had a reputation and a something special, but she knows how he used to work so she'll do well

  2. in our opinion it could go either way - she could know exactly how he worked and know exactly what sort of things she needs to carry on doing, or it could loose the originality and not be as good as it was.
    we'll have to wait and see.

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    sophie and lily x x