dissabte, 22 de maig de 2010

Ode to you

Three days ago when I returned from school I saw a suspicious package in the mail box, ajajá! It was non other than my monthly French Vogue. As always I was so excited. I have to say that is my favourite Vogue edition, I think that even being a "classic" magazine its contents are truly original, new and even have this provocative point that alternative magazines have.Well, the other day while I was reading my magazine I saw this fantastic editorial, a tribute to (RIP) Alexander Mcqueen who died the past February syled by the to-die-for Carine Roitfeld and photographed by Steven Klein. The editorial has got this point that caracterized Alexander Mcqueen creations: radical concepts, provocation and new ways of tissue treatment that were his own receipe to surprise the always receptive public that went to his shows. Even that he left us very early (he was only 40) and his shows will be very missed, he left us some great momories such as this amazing end of the 1999 show. Shalom Harlow's expresion is really good when she is "attacked" by the robots.

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