dimarts, 18 de maig de 2010

We'll have fun without you

The past Wednesday past my brother bought me a film. I wish it was Lost in Translation, one of my favourites films on earth. But instead of it, I discovered one of the best films I have ever seen: The Virgin Suicides.

I have to say too that I'm one of the biggest Sofia Coppola's fan. Apart from that I think that for understand a Sofia's film you have to know that her films aren't just like the others. Her films are very intimate and personal. Her film photography is really special, she sees things that other directors don't, filming things like objects, flowers...The history focus on the live of five misteryous sisters that live in an upper middle class suburs of Michigan in the middle 70's, after the suicide of the youngest the interest of the boys of the neighbourhood increase.The girls are presented for Ms. Coppola as five ethereal creatures, just like ghosts. Because of a very controlling mother, you have the feeling that they are living in a very closed world arriving to the asphyxia (there's a good reference on the last scenes).
(Trip - Lux's love affair)

The group of actors is VERY brillliant, but I think that the one who acts better is Kathleen Turner in the paper of Ms. Lisbon. The girls who interpret the Lisbon sisters (Therese, Mary, Bonnie, Lux and Cecilia) are (in my humble opinion) the perfect actresses, I can't imagine other actresses interpreting the roles, they give us a very precise vision of the girls transmiting us their fragility.

The asphyxiation party:

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  1. In my blog you can see the videos??

  2. OH! I love this movie so much. It is so beutiful and very original. Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette are also fantastic movies! It is very important - primary for us Sofia Coppola fans - not to miss her new movie "Somewere"! :)

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